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Aquarian Classic Clear Drum Heads

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Aquarian's Classic Clear, a.k.a "CC" is a medium weight, clear single ply drumhead that can be used either as a Batter or Resonant head of any drum.

Like all Aquarian drumheads, the CC model uses Aquarian's drumhead film let the drum sing and make the Classic Clear the perfect resonant head for any tom-tom!

As a Batter Head crystal clear Nu-Brite drumhead film produces a wide-open sound with plenty of attack and musical sustain. When used as a bottom or resonant head, the CC resonates with a warm, clean, and choke-free response.

A Note on Resonant (bottom) Heads-The resonant bottom drumhead is often neglected but has a significant effect on the overall tone of the drum. A poorly made or poorly tuned bottom head will sap all the tone out of a great drum. Spend time getting to know your resonant side drum head and you will greatly improve the overall sound and performance of your drum.

  • Works as a batter or resonant head
  • "Crystal Clear" Nu-Brite drumhead film
  • Safe-T-Lok Hoop eliminates pull-outs
  • 10mil Thick for the warm response