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Colors of Joy by Brenda E. Austin

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As with joy, handbells can take on many colors. This composition brings out many different “colors” of the instrument. The variety of techniques are great for developing ringers to learn all the sounds of the instrument. Rehearsing in sections will be helpful, practicing the similar sections together. For example, the “A” material found in measures 1-8, 9-16, 41-48 and 65-72 is essentially the same. By playing all of those “A” sections, the choir will realize that they already have a large portion of the piece learned. Ringers and listeners are sure to enjoy the many “Colors of Joy” heard throughout the piece. 76 measures.

Published by: Choristers Guild

Austin, Brenda E.
Varies by Piece
Season: All Year
Classification: Church or Concert , Concert , Original Composition , Secular , Arranged more than once, same key
Technique: Pl (Pluck) , TD (Thumb Damp) , Echo , Martellato Lift , Sk (Shake) , Sw (Swing) , LV (Let Vibrate) , Martellato , Mallet Lift
Voicing: Handbells, No Choral
Bells Used: Two Octaves: 15 Bells; Three Octaves: 22 Bells; Four Octaves: 29 Bells; Five Octaves: 36 Bells; Six Octaves: 37 Bells