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Song for a New Day

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Long a favorite of adventurous trio ringers, “Song for a New Day” is reissued in a reproducible trio score of medium difficulty (19-21 bells, 2 or 3 octaves - RE6036ABR) and also in a small Level 3 ensemble score for a few more ringers (19-21 bells, 2 or 3 octaves - RE8036AB) from ringTrue. Short, bright and cheery with lots of movement, it’s perfect as a Call to Worship or as a light palate cleanser in a concert. Both issues include 2 choices of octave range - either G4-G6 or C5-C7. In the reproducible trio score, because of the continual crossing of parts, each of the three parts is notated as the original trio played it – each part on its own staff showing only the notes that each single ringer plays. Some 4iH is recommended for the upper parts. The two top parts share unusual assignments to begin with: one plays space notes, the other plays line notes. Almost all bells are shared sometime in the piece. As a trio practices, they may wish to reassign a few notes here and there – which can be written in. In the small ensemble score (RE8036AB), 4iH ringers can use the C5-C7 section, while those with only 2 octaves and more available ringers can use the G4-G6 version. “Song for a New Day” is a fun piece to practice and perform; it sounds much bigger than 2 octaves! If a trio wishes to devise their own parts, they can ring from the fully-scored version. The ensemble version has a slightly thicker bass texture which can be thinned for a trio’s use. Both versions add two new transition measures for ease of resetting bells on the table (especially for a trio) but are otherwise identical to the previously published edition.

Part of the Series: Little Gems - ringTrue

Wissinger, Kathleen
Varies by Piece
Season: All Year
Less than a full handbell choir: Trio
Classification: Church or Concert , Concert , Original Composition , Reproducible , Secular
Voicing: Handbells, No Choral