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Pearl Championship CXS-2 Airframe Snare Carrier

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The Pearl CXS2 Air Frame Snare Drum Carrier features a redesign to accommodate players of all genders, body shapes, and sizes. The reshaped Airframe shoulder and chest sections are attached to a thin aluminum belly plate with extreme range of motion. The ACS (Agility Control System) Belt unites the player to their instrument for optimal stability in today's modern use of body movement. The shoulder and belly pads are removable for cleaning and are built with a stealth-like design allowing for the CXS2 carrier to practically disappear under the uniform.

The CX2 Series carriers combine lightweight, simplistic designs with rugged durability. This revolutionary breakthrough in carrier design is highly adjustable with minimal moving parts, making this the perfect carrier for players of all sizes and skill levels.

This CXS2 Carrier includes the CXSA-2 Snare Attachment.