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Mapex 14X12 High Tension Single Snare Drum

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The Quantum Mark II family of marching snare drums includes the Classic and Agility models. The Quantum Mark II Classic Snare Drum features a six ply birch-maple blended shell for a warm overall sound, a unique snare bed that provides superior snare response, and a rugged full size design for maximum projection.
  • Innovative new design features a quick release mechanism which enables the snares to be disengaged or detached to facilitate quick bottom head changes, requiring no readjustment of snare strand tension.
  • Individual snare strands can be fine-tuned with a standard drum key and can also be easily removed or replaced with alternate strand materials to create a customized sound.
  • A thinner shell with a hybrid mixture of birch and maple provides optimum balance between resonance and focus with the added benefit of reduced weight.
  • 14" x 12"
  • 2.4mm Maple/1.7mm Maple/1.7mm Birch
  • 12 lugs, suspension frame
  • Carrier excluded; Optional MVSD-MP Snare Drum Carrier Available
  • Gloss White