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Adams Professional GEN II Timpani (set of 4) Hammered Cambered Copper

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Adams Professional Generation II Hammered Cambered Copper Timpani offer an unbelievably affordable price for an instrument of this quality. The slogan "Sound of Quality" perfectly reflects what they stand for. Adams continuously applies developments which lead to improvements in sound and durability. It is clear that Adams, with all those developments, had a big influence on the evolution of timpani. With the introduction of the Adams Professional Generation II Timpani, Adams once again sets the standard in technique, sound and durability.

Special Features

New patented Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism Professional Generation II timpani now feature the all–new patented Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism used on the Revolution Series with adjustable spring tension. With this mechanism, the pedal action is smooth and offers the player an extended tuning range with a familiar, balanced feel and adjustability via a tension knob.