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Sonor Meisterklasse Alto Metallophone

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In the 1920s, Carl Orff (of Carmina Burana fame) developed a method of teaching children about music that focuses on treating music just like the spoken word - starting with just a few notes and continually adding complexity as time passes. The Orff method necessitated a collection of simple, non-intimidating musical instruments to teach the foundations of western melody and harmony in a group setting - what is more well suited for the job than drums and rudimentary keyboard percussion instruments? Each Orff keyboard instrument has removable bars and is designed to be stored and moved easily. The Meisterklasse Tenor-Alto Metallophone features 19 specially alloyed bars each with a corresponding pitch tuned from C1 to C3 including two F-sharp and two B-flat keys that can be interchanged with F and B on the keyboard. The five chamber resonator box is made of sturdy pine wood and comes with a pair of SCH 16 mallets. This is a great tool to use on the elementary music level.