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Sonor ORFF Meisterklasse Series Soprano Metallophone

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Looking for a top of the line, premium Orff instrument? Look no further than Sonor's Meisterklasse series. The Meisterklasse metallophone bars are known for their dong-like resonance and are overtone tuned to A440; the industry standard. Diatonic units include F# and Bb bars, Chromatic Add-on units are available to finish out the chromatic scale. Note names are stamped in the center of each bar for easy playing. Flexible rubber pins allow for bars to be removed easily.

All instruments are precision tuned by hand. In the lower range, bars are tuned by overtone. And in the higher range, fundamental tuning is used. Sonor Meisterklasse SKM 10 soprano metallophone includes 16 bars, c2-a3 (with F# and Bb bars).