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Malmark Handbell Mallets

If a product is SOLD OUT, please phone us at 780-452-3909 or email so we can further assist you.

Designed by experts, Malmark mallets were developed to provide the best tonal response from each bell casting. Each mallet is marked for the proper range and hand grips provide positive control. From hand-crocheted wool mallet heads for lower pitches to hard density heads for higher bells, our mallets are your best choice!

For a three octave handbell choir, we suggest that you get 4 yellow wool, 6 red wool, 6 light blue wool, and 6 grey rubber. Some prefer the red nylon mallets for a a more solid tone between the middle and high bells because some find the red wool mallets on A5-B5 too muffled. This will provide each of your 11 ringers with their own mallets.  Mallets are priced individually so you can purchase whatever you need to meet your choir’s needs.