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Innovative Concert Multi-stick

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Designed in conjunction with Paul Rennick, the CMS-1 Concert Multi Stick answers the call for a stick that can be used on a host of percussion instruments. With concert percussion literature continuing to evolve and compositional demands not allowing the performer time to use multiple implements, the CMS-1 is crafted not only for concert snare drumming, but also for use on wood blocks, toms, cymbals, bass drums, and many other percussion instruments.

The CMS-1 offers the ability to play with both ends of the stick, yet still maintains the balanced feel of a regular drumstick. The Taj Mahal style bead provides a nice weight to the front of the stick, making sensitive figures effortless with great warmth and response from the instrument. The butt end features a latex sleeve that provides the performer with a surface that lends itself to an infinite number of percussion instruments, eliminating the need to make the switch to a different mallet or beater.

The possibilities are truly limitless. The CMS-1 should be a staple in every concert percussionist’s stick bag.

• White Hickory
• Length: 16 9/16”
• Diameter: .640”
• Taj Mahal Style Bead
• Latex Butt End