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Treeworks TRE35db Classic Double Row Windchimes

If a product is SOLD OUT, please phone us at 780-452-3909 or email so we can further assist you.

TreeWorks Chimes were developed in 1996 by a percussionist frustrated with quality of available chimes. Engineered to be the best sounding and highest quality chime available, all TreeWorks Chimes feature high quality bars, cord, and mantle to produce tones and clarity that are unsurpassed.

This new double row version of the Tre35 features 69 individually hand-tied bars with TreeWorks' unique design that allows each row to be played separately. A long sweep to both rows delivers a full, dramatic sound, while playing a single row provides a more modest flourish. For live performance where your sound requires greater strength and resonance; Classic Chimes utilize our T-6 tempered, custom aluminum/ titanium alloy bars. (.375" diameter)