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SELA Venti Chimes - Fire (G-B-D-C)

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Sela Venti Chimes are high quality manufactured wind chimes, which are available in different tunings. They consist of a rectangular bamboo case, inside which 8 metal tone rods are arranged in a circle. The rods are struck by a plastic disc, which is attached to a cord. At the lower end of this cord is a small wooden plate, which moves in the wind and thus makes the Venti Chime sound. Of course, you can also play the instrument actively by grabbing it by its suspension or body and gently moving it in different directions. Sela Venti Chimes produce pleasant, spherical sounds that soothe, relax and inspire dreaming. They are suitable for wellness activities such as meditation and yoga as well as for sound therapy and remedial education. The wind chimes are a wonderful complement to singing bowls and gongs and can of course also be integrated in a musical context - for example together with handpans, tongue drums or acoustic guitars. With their natural wooden body, discreet logo imprint and the wooden plate in the shape of the Sela logo (four-pass ornament), Sela Venti Chimes are a special decorative eye-catcher both on the patio at home as well as in a yoga studio or sound room. The Sela Venti Chime Fire is tuned in G, B, D and C notes. The red stone on the suspension helps distinguish it from the other models (Earth - green, Water - blue, Air - white). Several different Venti Chimes can also be combined for even more tonal variety.
  • Wooden body made of bamboo
  • 8 metal rods (chimes)
  • Element: Fire
  • Wind plate in Sela shape
  • Red cord with metal ring for hanging up
  • Tones: G B D C
  • Transport bag included
  • Dimensions: 16.6 cm x 6.5 cm