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TreeWorks Concert Chime Package

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TreeWorks' most popular model, the full-size, single-row chime PLUS the useful additions of an adjustable damper and deluxe chime bag.

The chime bars themselves are made using TreeWorks' exclusive alloy, comprised of eleven different metals melted together. They are heat treated for 8 hours to create their crystal clear tone. The unique tuning has been described as ethereal and shimmering. This distinctive sound is what made TreeWorks Chimes famous. Finally, the bars are polished to a brilliant finish. The mantle, TreeWorks' name for the wooden top piece, is crafted from solid Tennessee White Ash, its hand-rubbed oil finish is high-end yet understated. Some brands use staples or plastic ties to attach the chime bars. TreeWorks does not use plastic ties. Each bar is hand-tied to the mantle. One-bar-at-a-time. The braided cord used can hold up to 50-pounds (think miniature rappelling rope). To say TreeWorks' chimes are durable is an understatement.

The Damper is made of laser cut steel and has a black powder coated finish. It is adjustable so you can dial in just how much pressure you want on the bars. The more pressure means shorter sustain. You can also leave the damper loose and simply engage it by hand whenever you want to abruptly stop the chimes, like at the end of a section or song. The accidental benefit of the damper is for outdoor use on windy days or when on a wobbly stage. The damper keeps the chimes from sounding until they are played. Once you have used this feature it is hard to wonder how you ever went without it.

This special package includes a professional hard sided gig bag. This is the nicest bag TreeWorks offers; it features thick padding sandwiched between hard plastic sides for added protection. Inside the bag are straps to keep the chime in place when you carry it. The zipper is giant, similar to what you see on military gear.

TreeWorks is serious about build quality. Add this instrument to your collection, and you will have invested in the best of its kind that will serve you your entire career.

- Full-size single-row chime for long shimmering sweeps
- 3/8 inch bar diameter
- Adjustable damper for excellent control of sustain
- Individually hand-tied bars for durability
- Deluxe Bag Included
- Made in Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.