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Dragonfly Resonance Series Small Gong Mallets - Pair

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Small rubber disc-shaped core covered in layers of soft felt and fleece on ½” bamboo handles (14” length).  Designed to be used as a pair- these sticks are light and maneuverable and pull a wide spectrum of overtones from a range of gongs.  The 14” bamboo handles are smooth and comfortable in the hand.  They are resilient off the surface of the gong and elicit a fast response.

Dragonfly’s Resonance Gong Mallets are designed specifically for use in sound healing, sound meditation and sound bath practice.  We have collaborated with Benjamin Irons, CHt, CMI and Yogi Mehtab Benton, combining expertise in sound healing and percussion performance to create a superior implement for sound production on a wide variety of gongs.